4 Things All Commercial Electricians Must Be Able to Do

Just as you would need a reliable plumber Long Island, you also need a good electrician.  Generally, commercial electric work is done indoors and therefore is not as affected by weather constraints as other construction jobs may be. Commercial electric work tends to have strong job prospects since new buildings are always being built. National and local electrical codes are always being updated, and the technology of electrical work is constantly evolving making it a profession which requires constant development and growth. A reliable electric signal is also vital for Home Security. Due to the delicate nature of electrical work and the various instruments required to perform it, there are certain things all commercial electricians must have and be able to do. Here are four things all commercial electricians must be able to do.

Job Description

The job of a commercial electrician long island is to plan electrical systems, install conduits, run electrical wiring, or work from provided blueprints to set up an electrical system. They are also responsible for the tedious things like circuit breakers, electrical panels, power switches, and relays. The wiring they do runs everything in a building from the lights to the refrigerator. Tasks can range from menial to exhausting depending on the scale of the project being done. A commercial electrician should be adept and knowledgeable in all of these areas.


A License

Unless you’re wiring your own home, it is generally illegal to do any sort of electrical work without a license. To obtain one of these licenses, a person can either go to college and get an associate’s degree, or study in an apprenticeship. Both an apprenticeship and college education requires either a high school diploma or GED exam. A background in mathematics is also helpful since electrical work often requires making calculations for circuits and how much electric they’ll be able to handle. Electricians also have to understand hydraulics and pneumatics to be able to install circuits and motor controls. The standards for electrical training are constantly being revised by the National Electrical Code (NEC) to keep up with the demand brought on by the evolving industry. Before hiring an electrician, make sure he or she has all the proper licensing to perform electrical work.

Physical Capability

Any electrician you hire should be physically capable to handle the work. They will need to kneel, climb and stand for hours depending on how intense the electrical job is. Without physical stamina, you may encounter a lower quality of work and a longer time to complete a simple job. Also, being able to see properly is key since wires tend to be color coded and it is vital that those colors are paid attention to. Clipping the wrong wire can be catastrophic to a whole project and could cost a lot of money to repair.



Make sure you find a commercial electrician with a good reputation. If you hire someone who is not exactly qualified simply because they are cheaper, you may have to spend even more money in order to fix the mess they made. Shady electrical work isn’t just a hassle to fix it is highly dangerous and can lead to electrocution and fires which can, in turn, lead to death. Unreliable electricians lead to unhappy customers, so do your homework and check references before hiring your next long island electrical contractor.